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Whole herd tested CAE Negative
February 20th, 2007!
Sly Farms
Our Nigerian Dwarf goats are born and raised in Northern California.  We breed and show
quality Nigerian Dwarf goats that not only do well in the show ring but also produce lots of
milk for consumption.  Our goats can be registered in three registries; ADGA, AGS, and
NDGA. This miniature breed of dairy goat is considered rare by the American Livestock
Conservency.  These goats are also very gentle so they are great for any age or ability.  
Because of their size and gentle nature, they are one of the few goats that children between
the ages of 5-9 years old can show at the County Fairs and participate in 4H.
When we are not playing with goats we make goat milk soap and goat cheese.  Our soap is
so moisturizing that it helps with a lot of dry skin conditions such as Eczema.  These
miniature dairy goats produce more butterfat than any other large dairy goat. This is why
their milk makes wonderful cheeses, ice cream, cheese cakes, and well, anything.  In this
crazy economy, you get the most milk out of these goats for the little space and cost that it
takes to raise them.
We show our goats all over California so if you are interested in one of our goats or puppies
email us with any questions you might have.  Enjoy browsing our site.
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Whole herd tested CAE negative Dec. 2012
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